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Our lobby
Our lobby
  1. Multiple minigames. On AES you will find many minigames that you can play with your friends.
  2. Skins. Customize your look with the 6 base skins available and unlock new ones by completing challenges!
  3. Join a party. Use the /party command to create a party and invite your friends to play with you!
  4. Clean UI with small resources. The Soothing32 palette grants a smooth and colourful experience in a lightweight package.
Our skins selector
Our skins selector
How you can support us
  1. Donate something. Thanks to LiberaPay you can support us economically in a simple and safe way. Even anonymously if you wish!
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A.E.S. - Minetest server
every week
  1. Come play on our server. Starting to play is very simple: download Minetest and search for us in the server list!
  2. Talk about us with your friends. The more we are, the more fun we have!
  3. Join our Matrix room. Join our chat room on Matrix to stay updated on the latest news and to chat with us!